Organize & Manage Your Workspace

Introduction to Your Workspace

Organize & Manage Your Workspace | Introduction to Your Workspace

Your Creately workspace is where it all happens. It’s a free-form visual collaboration platform to brainstorm, plan, and execute. It's super simple to use but has powerful capabilities that can be used by individuals, teams, or across a whole company. Here are the main parts of a Creately workspace to help get you started.

Header Bar

This is where you will see the name of your workspace. The header section gives you quick access to sharing, collaboration, export options and workspace preference controls (more on that later).

Creately Header Panel

Here you will find everything you need to control and manage your workspaces.

Creately Main Menu

folder Folders

Explore all your saved workspaces here. Organize, manage and access your workspace from a central location.

list-check Tasks

All the tasks assigned to you across multiple workspaces show up here.

database Data

Here is where you will find all your data-connected items.

bell Notifications

Here you can find all your notifications and updates to the workspaces you work on.

Extended Main Menu

Creately Extended Menu

display-rules Display Rules

On Creately you can create custom rules and formulas for various tasks. All the rules and formulas you create can be easily accessed and edited from this panel.

clock History

Access unlimited version history and restore previous versions.

account-settings Account Settings

Access your account and plan settings.


This is your free-form canvas with infinite space to visualize anything you need.

Creately Canvas

plus-circle Plus Button

Here is where you will find all our diagramming and visualization features. Access the shape library, add templates, and create cards all from right here. Click on the icon to expand the menu.

up-down-left-right Pan

Move across the infinite canvas in any direction you like.

zoom Zoom

Zoom in and out to any point on the canvas.

keyboard Shortcuts

Find helpful keyboard shortcuts to make visualizing easier.

question Help

Access our help center with quick guides and tutorials. Chat with our customer support team without leaving the workspace.


See all the comments and discussion threads from this panel. Reply to comments from a single place and mark items as resolved when you need to.

Creately Comments Section

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