Introduction to Diagramming

Diagramming | Introduction to Diagramming

At its core, Creately is a visual canvas that is built for collaborating around diagrams and creating visual models. Its free-form, drag-and-drop canvas allows you to instantly visualize processes, sketch and brainstorm ideas, create mock-ups, technical representations, and much more.

Here are some of the advanced diagramming capabilities that Creately has to offer.

Getting Started

All of Creately’s diagramming features can be found by accessing the Plus buttonPlus button on the bottom left corner of the canvas. Expand the icon to reveal:

Getting Started with Diagramming
Getting Started with Diagramming
all-shapes All Shapes

This is the heart of Creately’s diagramming capabilities. From here you can access 1000s of shapes that help you visualize all your work. Browse all our available shapes and add them to the shapes tab for easy access.

templates Templates

Here you find ready-to-use templates across multiple industries and use cases. You can search by category, select a template that best suits your needs and make customizations to it accordingly.

shapes Shapes

This tab contains the shapes you recently accessed as well as the shapes you selected from the All Shapes tab.

assets Assets

Creately lets you bring assets, images and other references onto the canvas for easier visualization.

sticker Stickers

Here you will find an extensive list of icons categorized by icon type and usage. The search bar allows you to quickly locate a specific icon you are looking for and add it to the canvas by simply dragging and dropping.

frames Frames

From here you can add frames to the canvas. Frames provide a structure for your visualizations and help you add shapes and data in meaningful ways.

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