Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions |
How can I add text into a shape?

There are several ways that you can type the text inside a shape:

  • Select the shape and click on the Text option that appears on the contextual toolbar
  • Double-click on a shape
  • Add a text box from Quick Tools. In this case, select the shape and the text box and group them together to avoid any movement of the text box.
Can I hyperlink the shapes or words inside a shape?

You can hyperlink shapes as well as the text within a shape. For more information, see How to Add a Hyperlink to a Shape.

You could also add links of your Creately diagrams to a shape or text. To do this, select the entire diagram → right-click on it → select ‘Copy shape link’, and paste that link on a text or a shape.

How do I group shapes together?
You can select two or more shapes (even the entire diagram) and group them together so that you can apply styles in one go. Grouping also helps you move the shapes together or keep the diagram from any unwanted movement or misplacement. To do that, select the shapes you want to group together → select the Group option that appears on the contextual toolbar. For more information, see How to Group Shapes Together.
How can I change the colors and the shape size of a template?

To change the color of a shape, select the shape → click on the (color palette icon) located in the quick toolbar that appears on the top of the shape. You can also select the shape and click on Shape Properties located in the top right corner of your workspace to change the color of the particular shape. See How to Change the Color of a Shape.

To resize your shape, go to any corner or edge of the shape and drag the shape to the size you wish. To view the size and the position of the shape, go to Shape PropertiesSize and Position.

How can I save my work?
Your work and progress on a Creately workspace are by default autosaved. To access workspace history, go to Main MenuMore OptionsHistory.
How can I resize a shape while maintaining its aspect ratio?
Select the shape you want to resize and drag from any of its corners while holding down the Shift key.
Why can’t I access some of the features on the left-side panel?
Tasks, Data, and Display Rules may be grayed out and unable to access. In order to access these features, your workspace will need to be shared with your organization. In other words, these features are accessible only if you are in a Business or Enterprise plan. If you are in a paid plan, click the Share option on the header bar and add the email addresses of the collaborators you would like to invite or share it with the whole team by setting permission to Anyone at [Your Organization’s Name].