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Create organizational charts, structure teams,
establish workflows and more.

  • Design team structures with multiple frameworks
  • Collaborate visually
  • Real-time multi-cursor commenting

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How to Create an Org Chart?

Design and Perfect Org Structures and Processes

Design and Perfect Org Structures and Processes

Design and Perfect Org Structures and Processes

Multiple frameworks and templates to create easy to understand representations of your team structure.

Infinite canvas to visualize complex structures and processes.

Intuitive drag and drop functionality to explore the possibilities of organizing teams in multiple ways.

Advanced styling and color options to represent reporting structures, hierarchies and levels of management.


Visually Plan Your Human Resource Efforts

Visually Plan Your Human Resource Efforts

Centralized canvas for visually representing, recruiting, screening, onboarding, and training workflows.

Single source of truth to establish SOPs, best practices and guides to facilitate better collaboration.

Visualize OKRs, connect them to KPIs and co-ordinate efforts better.

Visually Plan Your Human Resource Efforts
Get All Your Stakeholders On the Same Page

Get All Your Stakeholders On the Same Page

Get All Your Stakeholders On the Same Page

A shared workspace to make collective decisions, invite stakeholders from multiple departments, control view and edit permissions and establish a shared understanding.

Export visuals in multiple formats to embed in documents and share across platforms.

Add context to conversations with pinpointed comments and live cursor views.


Adapts to Your Ways of Working

Adapts to Your Ways of Working

Flexible and dynamic - make changes to team structures as your organization grows, teams get restructured and personnel change.

Link to multiple workspaces - link team structures to other workspaces including roadmaps work break down structures, Gantt charts and more to better allocate work within teams.

Data-rich visuals - add employee details to the side panel for easy referencing.

Multiple views - organize the same information in multiple ways. Structure teams according to seniority, location, compensations, projects, and more.

Integrates into slack, google drive, Jira and more.

Adapts to Your Ways of Working
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ

    What is an Org Chart?

    An Org Chart is a visual representation of the reporting structures or hierarchies in an organization. They are used as a management tool, for planning purposes, or as a personnel directory. An organizational chart conveys a company’s internal structure by detailing the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals within an entity.

    How to Create an Org Chart?

    • Creately’s visual canvas is the perfect place to plan and visualize your organizational structure.
    • Begin by choosing a framework that best suits your organizational needs. Creately’s template library has a wide range of organizational chart formats- choose from hierarchical, functional, horizontal, matrix, divisional and other org chart formats.
    • Use the simple drag and drop functionality to arrange employees on the canvas and structure teams with ease.
    • Add images to each shape to represent an employee to better showcase your organizational structure.
    • Use the Plus Create feature to easily visualize reporting structures and establish employee relationships with ease.
    • Add additional data to shapes to create context-rich org charts. Use the shape data panel to list down additional employee information so you can refer to them at a glance.
    Work Visually with Anyone for a Fixed Monthly Price
    For Individuals
    • Unlimited Canvases
    • Unlimited items per Canvas
    • 20 Active Folders
    • 5GB storage
    • 30 day version history
    • Unlimited Imports
    • All export formats
    • Basic collaboration
    • Email Support
    /month per user
    For Growing Teams Everything in Personal Plus
    • 5000 items per canvas
    • 50 active folders
    • 30 day version history
    • Advanced collaboration
    • 100 Imports
    • Multiple named users
    FreeFor Anyone to Get Started
    • 3 Canvases (60 items max)
    • 1 Folder
    • Limited storage
    • Basic integrations
    • Raster image only exports
    All features, unlimited users
    Everything in Business plus:
    • Unlimited items per DB
    • Unlimited 2-way data sync from integrations
    • All integrations
    • Sharing controls
    • Multiple Account Admins
    • Multiple Sub-Teams
    • Single Sign On
    • Customer success + account management
    • SOC2 & ISO27001 Security
    • Custom Data Residency