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  • Customizable network diagram templates
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Network Diagram Software
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How to make a Network Diagram?


Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail

Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail
  • Multiple standards and templates to design, understand, and map your network.

  • Intuitive drag-drop tools and Plus Create to easily design.

  • Add data to each element on the canvas to document network requirements.

  • Shape libraries for standards like AWS, CISCO, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, and more.

Design Your Network Infrastructure in Detail
Bring Ideas to Collaborate in Real-time

Bring Ideas to Collaborate in Real-time

Bring Ideas to Collaborate in Real-time
  • Integrated whiteboarding to work with teams in real-time.

  • Real-time cursors for any number of participants to work on the same canvas.

  • Version history to save and revert back to an earlier iteration anytime.

  • Comment with context on questions, suggestions, or improvements. Async!


Work Across Apps and Teams Securely

Work Across Apps and Teams Securely
  • Multiple access and role levels to share and review with clients and stakeholders.

  • Embed network diagrams on any site or share with anyone via email or link invite.

  • Add-ons to embed diagrams in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets.

  • Powerful documentation capabilities to keep a repository of the network changes.

Work Across Apps and Teams Securely
Ideate, plan, and execute ideas better with Creately
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
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    What is a Network Diagram?

    What is a Network Diagram?

    Network Diagrams are used by system administrators and IT professionals to plan and strategize network infrastructure. Network diagrams may explain current or future states of the network and may show different scopes in different diagrams. Documenting all items on a network is sometimes not practical, therefore diagrams are frequently kept conceptual or high-level.

    How to Create a Network Diagram with Your Team?

    1. Define the scope of the network

    Discuss with the team to identify the systems and components that will be included. Gather requirements, including information on the network infrastructure’s scope and budget.

    Use the whiteboard, basic shapes and freehand drawing to brainstorm, sketch, and make notes to narrow the scope and requirements. Make use of Creately’s Microsoft Teams integration to carry out meetings and work on the same canvas in real-time.

    1. Assign roles and responsibilities

    Determine who will be responsible for the various aspects of the network, such as gathering information for the preliminary work, designing, implementing, and maintaining.

    1. Gather information

    Conduct a needs assessment to narrow down specific network requirements such as performance, scalability, security, and reliability. Then collect information about the systems and components, including IP addresses, hardware specifications, and connectivity details.

    1. Create the network design

    Using the gathered information, you can now create a detailed network design that includes a logical and physical topology, IP address scheme, and network protocols.

    Choose the right technology and standards that match the budget and the expected capabilities, and select a template from Creately’s extensive network templates library. Add and remove the network components as required for the infrastructure. Use the drag-drop capabilities and Creately’s comprehensive shape library to find components according to the standard. Connect the network components using the correct cables, switches, routers, hubs, and other industry-standard components.

    1. Review and edit

    Invite the team to a real-time conference to discuss and gather feedback. Analyze the feedback and changes via in-line commenting and version history to modify or improve the proposed network infrastructure.

    Once finalized, use Google/Microsoft add-ons, embed in an email or website, or export the network diagram in various formats, including SVG, PDF, PNG, and many more.

    1. Implement and test

    Implement and test the network design to ensure that it meets the requirements and goals of the network.

    Assign tasks and responsibilities to team members through the task panel to keep track of the implementation and testing. Use Creately’s project management capabilities to manage and keep track of the progress.

    1. Document and share

    Once the design is finalized, document and share it with the relevant stakeholders. Use Creately’s infinite canvas to document network requirements and other details. Use the dedicated notes panel for each element to add details, docs, links, and references if required.

    1. Monitor, maintain, and improve

    Regularly monitor and maintain the network, making adjustments to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability.

    Create Your Network Diagram Online with Editable Templates

    Simple Network Diagram Example

    Simple Network Diagram Example

    Office Network Diagram Template

    Office Network Diagram Template

    Office Network on Single Subnet

    Office Network on Single Subnet

    Network Security Diagram Example

    Network Security Diagram Example

    FAQs About the Network Diagram Maker

    How can I share my network diagram online?
    Creately’s network diagram maker offers several options for you to share a diagram. You can share a workspace link with edit or view access with anyone you wish to collaborate with or import the diagram in a suitable image format (PNG, SVG, PDF, or JPEG) so you can share or publish it. Additionally, you can also use a secure embed link to embed your network diagram in any site or intranet or use the workspace view mode to present it to stakeholders.
    Why use Creately to create your network diagram online?
    Creately’s network diagram maker offers industry standard shape and icon libraries for Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and Cisco and intuitive drag and drop tools for you to easily create your network and cloud infrastructures. Moreover, it comes with pre-made templates for multiple network infrastructure scenarios. With its intuitive diagramming capabilities you can create even a complex network diagram in just a few clicks.
    How can I add data to my network diagram in Creately?
    With Creately’s network diagram maker, you can assign each component in your network diagram additional data fields to add details for each equipment. Integrated notes are also available for each node to add descriptions and document requirements to create a single source of truth. Simply select the network diagram component, and access notes and additional data fields via Shape Data.
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